High Pressure Cleaning Building Washdowns

High Pressure Cleaning Building Washdowns

Our commitment to 100% Chemical Free High Pressure Cleaning, also applies to our Building Washdowns. Our company, High Pressure Cleaning Specialist, is a trusted partner for those establishments which require industrial high pressure cleaning.


We offer high pressure cleaning, as well as building washdowns, to get rid of the grime and dirt on many surfaces of whatever structures we have undertaken to clean. We primarily service the suburbs and regional areas of Melbourne. We pride ourselves in offering our clients a safer, environmentally friendly, option in cleaning their premises. We use the best equipment for any projects that we undertake, and pride ourselves in the quality that you will see in our results.


We take pride in rendering high pressure cleaning as well as building washdowns that are environmental friendly. We make sure that our services are carried out without the use of harmful chemicals. To make sure that our services will be truly 100% chemical free, we use high pressure cold water, after steaming the areas to loosen the grime and dirt. To be consistent with our environment-friendly policy; we recycle the water that we use, using our own water recycling unit if we deem it appropriate. Industrial high pressure cleaning, when used on building washdowns, is a safe way to clean; due to no chemicals or toxins being used.


We offer so much more than just an ordinary industrial high pressure cleaning service. We offer a means to a cleaner and safer place to work or live in. Make use of our services when they require building washdowns in the Melbourne suburbs and the surrounding areas. We can assure you of a better option. A safer and better alternative in cleaning up structures like buildings, factories, workshops, schools and so on.

That is manifested in our 100% chemical free cleaning services policy.

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