Hard Tennis Court High Pressure Cleaning

With the Hot Climate Melbourne as well as the constant rain that Melbourne goes through during the year – you can imagine the build up of dirt and how much it can effect your tennis courts. High Pressure Cleaning Specialists can treat and clean all hard court surfaces without damaging your court but making your tennis court look brand new again.

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We make sure that our services are carried out without the use of harmful chemicals. To make sure that our services will be truly 100% chemical free, we use high pressure cold water, after steaming the areas to loosen the grime and dirt. Let High Pressure Cleaning Specialist take care of your Tennis Court cleaning, whether it’s a one-off clean or a regular scheduled clean, we can help.

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Why are High Pressure Cleaning Specialist  your “go to” company in Melbourne for cleaning your tennis courts?

  1. Our cleaning will significantly improve your tennis court surface life.
  2. It will kill all bacteria and mould and potentially reduce any risk of injury
  3. Your tennis will look brand new

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